Need a Pole Building, Shed, or Barndominium? Partner with Blue Hills Construction!

May 2, 2024 | Blog, Pole Buildings

Does your farm, ranch, or acreage need extra storage space? At Blue Hills Construction, we are here to help! With more than 26 years of combined experience and our expertly crafted pole buildings, you can access the extra storage you need while working with experts who can get the job done right the first time. Continue reading to learn more about our pole buildings and why you should partner with Blue Hills Construction. 

Versatility of Pole Buildings

Let’s face it: most farms and ranches can never have enough storage space for equipment, animals, feed, and other tools to keep them out of the elements. Instead of making do with a temporary solution, you should partner with Blue Hills Construction! Our pole buildings provide farmers and ranchers with the storage solutions they need to expand their operations. Regardless of how rurally you’re located in Saskatchewan, we are here to help. Whether you need a storage shed for your agricultural equipment, a riding chapel, or a bardominium, Blue Hills Construction’s pole buildings are a versatile solution. 

Attention to Detail and Quality Workmanship

When it comes to Blue Hills Construction’s pole buildings, quality workmanship and attention to detail is our top priority. Our highly experienced team understands that pole building can be a serious investment for many farmers and ranchers. As a Canadian and family-run business, we take our time to ensure we understand your needs; that way, we can build your new pole building right the first time. 

While other companies will rush the building process to kickstart another project somewhere else, Blue Hills Construction takes our time to ensure the quality of our pole buildings. From ensuring the quality is consistent during the build to walking you through the completed project, we guarantee that every pole barn, shed, and riding chapel is built to last. 

Features and Custom Add-Ons

Some of the features included in our builds are part of what sets Blue Hills Construction’s pole buildings apart from others in the Maple Creek, Saskatchewan area.

For instance, we utilize laminated posts (manufactured in-house) with a waterproof membrane to ensure an extra layer of rot resistance. Our pole buildings are also built with 2×6 bracing on the ceiling every three feet. At the same time, all the rafters are notched into the post and attached to ensure a durable connection point. These features increase the strength and durability of our pole buildings, even in high winds or other challenging weather conditions. 

At Blue Hills Construction, we also offer our customers the option to customize their pole buildings however they want. Whether that means increasing the overall size, raising the ceiling height, changing the size of the doors, adding live wood on the exterior of the building, or something else, we have the expertise to customize your pole building to fit your needs. 

Ready to Get Started?

With more than 26 years of combined experience building prefabricated homes, pole buildings, and RTM homes, Blue Hills Construction is your dependable, all-Canadian custom home builder! Whether you’re looking to add a new equipment shed, riding chapel, or pole barn to your farm or ranch, Blue Hills Construction is here to help.

We are now accepting new bookings for 2024 custom homes, basements, shops, and more, so contact Blue Hills Construction today. Together, let’s get started building the pole building you need!