Durable. Strong. Solid.

Our Pole buildings can be used for many applications. From storage sheds and Barndominiums to riding chapels, Blue Hills Construction prides itself on quality workmanship and attention to detail. We give the customer piece of mind that when our crews leave, the pole barn is built to today’s building standards and will last generations.

Attention to Detail is Critical on any job. Moreover, on an investment as large as a pole building. Blue Hills Construction doesn’t rush things. Most other pole barn companies pride themselves on the speed at which they can throw up a pole barn. Blue Hills Construction is not like most pole-building companies. We take our time to ensure every nail, screw, and board is where it should be and that the pole barn is built strong to last long.


Blue Hills Construction uses Laminated Posts that are manufactured at our warehouse. We provide an extra layer of rot resistance to our posts by wrapping them in a waterproof membrane that prevents rot in the wood. We do 2×6 bracing on the ceiling every two feet attached to the gable end. This increases the strength of the building in high winds. All rafters are notched into the post and attached to make a durable connection point. As a result, we can ensure that we will provide you with a structure that is solid, long-lasting, and stable.

What we’re
made of.

Quality Workmanship. Quality Materials at every stage.

We are one of the Strongest!

We manufacture our own Solid Laminated Posts. These Posts are treated in the ground to ensure longevity.

We are Energy Efficient!

Blue Hills Construction’s Post Frame Buildings are easy to insulate to today’s high-energy standards. Blue Hills Construction uses superior insulation, which gives you a lifetime of energy savings.

Lease Program Available

Interested in a lease program for your shop?

Business lease financing is available for pole buildings OAC.

Terms of up to 10 years

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